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Sally Cowley

Head of James Martin Stem Cell Facility

Dr. Sally A. Cowley established and is Head of the James Martin Stem Cell Facility, University of Oxford (affiliated to the Oxford Stem Cell Institute), which collaborates across the University to facilitate research projects that harness the potential of human induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPSc) to model disease and as a platform for drug discovery. Her interests/expertise are in iPSc derivation, gene editing, differentiation to myeloid and neuronal lineages, and the use of iPSc for modelling disease. Key projects include: Differentiation of genetically-modified macrophages from Pluripotent Stem cells for interrogating macrophage biology, especially HIV-macrophage interactions; iPSc-derived macrophages from patients with the childhood immunodeficiency disorder Chronic Granulomatous Disease as a tool for testing gene therapy vectors; iPSc from Parkinson’s disease patients, as part of a large-scale study within the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre in order to study the early cellular pathology of PD; Work Package Lead (gene editing in iPSc), core reprogramming and training lab within the large-scale academic-industry collaborative programme EU IMI StemBANCC, developing iPSc as a platform for cellular phenotypic drug-screening.