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Reinhard Schneider

Head of the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine

Dr. Reinhard Schneider is the Head of the Bioinformatics Core facility at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB) at the University of Luxembourg. Between 1994-2010 he worked as a Team Leader at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Germany, where he led the “Data Integration and Knowledge Management”. Before joining the EMBL, he was co-founder of LION bioscience AG, Heidelberg where he served as Chief Information Officer being responsible for the worldwide software development. Before that, he was CEO of LION bioscience Research Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts, establishing an IT based knowledge management system for Bayers gene based research and development efforts. Before founding LION bioscience, he worked as a scientist in the biocomputing department at the EMBL, Heidelberg, where he studied various aspects of protein structures. He co-developed a large-scale automated sequence analysis system which became the foundation of LION’s software offering and is an expert in the use of massive parallel computers in biology. Dr. Schneider received his Ph.D. in biology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany and has over 140 research papers published. He is a senior member of the International Society for Computational Biology where he served in the executive committee as Vice-President and treasurer and chaired the Governance, Fundraising and Finance Committee. Beside his academic career, he is involved in several start-up companies in Germany and Luxembourg.