Michele Hu

Associate Professor and Consultant Neurologist

Dr. Michele Hu is Associate Professor at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at Oxford University Hospitals. She has a specialist interest in Parkinson’s disease, Parkinson’s-plus disorders (MSA, PSP, CBD) and other movement disorders. She is the co-Principle Investigator with Dr Richard Wade-Martins of the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre and leads the Clinical Theme of this £10.7 million Monument Discovery 10 year award. Her academic funding facilitates translational research in the field of longitudinal cohort studies and biomarkers for early motor and premotor Parkinson’s. She is also National Institute for Health Research Parkinson’s Thames Valley Research Director, a member of the national Parkinson’s Clinical Study/Portfolio Management Groups and chairs the research engagement subcommittee of the newly formed UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network. She collaborates with several other European/Global longitudinal cohorts of early and prodromal Parkinson’s to harmonize biomarkers including the JPND Working Group to inform Cohort studies in Neurodegenerative Disease (PI Prof Daniela Berg, Tubingen, Germany), the Netherlands Parkinson’s cohort (PI Prof Henk Berendse, Amsterdam) and the International RBD Study Group, chaired by Professor Wolfgang Oertel, Germany