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James Fitzgerald

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr. James Fitzgerald is a consultant neurosurgeon in Oxford with a PhD in Neuroelectronic Interfacing. He works on implanted electronic devices that interface directly with parts of the nervous system. At present his main focus is on the development of a novel type of interface capable of recording signals from motor axons in severed peripheral nerves after amputation, with the aim of using these signals to control advanced prosthetic limbs. He is also one of the three academic consultants in Oxford Functional Neurosurgery, which has the UK's largest clinical practice in deep brain stimulation, spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation, for the treatment of movement disorders and neuropathic pain. Alongside and closely intertwined with this clinical work, they run a research programme investigating the mechanisms by which neuromodulation treatments work and how they can be improved and their use expanded to new indications.