The CENTRE-PD project organised the Innovation Workshop “CENTRE-PD Innovation Workshop on Neurodegeneration – From bench to bedside”, on the 5th of February, 2019 at the Hotel Légère in Munsbach.

Ms Josianne Entringer, from the Ministry of Research and Education in Luxembourg, opened the day by welcoming the participants and strengthening the importance of research collaboration. Prof. Wolfgang Oertel (University of Marburg) followed with his keynote lecture on From Molecule to disease modifying clinical studies – the impact of the interaction of industry and academia - exemplified by Parkinson’s disease.

The main part of the innovation workshop consisted of three sessions covering different aspects, from research to industry developments. The sessions were planned to show how industries support research in all different perspectives: clinical, translational and fundamental, with each of them having one academic speaker and two industrial speakers. The day was closed by Deloitte showing the trends in digital health.

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for academics and industry partners to network and discuss innovations in translational medicine, as well as explore future collaborations. The event brought together over 70 participants, including a group of 15 enthusiastic PhD students, who not only got a good overview about many innovative techniques applied in treatment of Parkinson`s Disease, but also learned about brain structures and new developments in Deep Brain Stimulation.